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About Us

Pilekon Construction – What we do.

We are a piling and underpinning company in KwaZulu-Natal.

The company was established in 2007 as Foundation Support Systems and the name was changed to Pilekon Construction in 2018 as part of a management buyout.



  • ¬†Our team has over 25 years geotechnical experience in the underpinning and piling field.
  • We specialize in the reinforced bottom-driven steel cased concrete pile, and also do screw piles and open auger piles.
  • Our product may be used in foundation support, or underpinning where settlement is evident on an existing structure
  • Our product achieves a compression load of 150KN per pile and may be clustered together to service higher loads as required.
  • Our work comes with a guarantee.


  • We build retaining structures including :-
    • Loffelstein walls
    • Gabion structures


  • We are able to access confined areas making piling /pinning inside houses, workshops, factories etc. possible.
  • We offer an affordable product, which may be designed into new foundations, extensions of existing foundations and underpinning of foundations where structures are settling and failing.
  • We are able to achieve raked piles/pins where required.


Chief Executive Officer: Dr. L.E.C Ehlers
Director of Operations: Gavin Lombaard