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Geotechnical and structural investigations. For new and existing developments

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Our History

We are an underpinning and piling company in KwaZulu-Natal.

The company was established as Foundation Support Systems and the name was changed to Pilekon Construction (Pty) LTD in 2018 as part of a management buyout.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the highly specialized field of geotechnical and structural engineering, we have built our company up to tackle challenging foundation repairs with our various methods of underpinning and micro pilling. We are also involved in the building industry where we build houses and swimming pools from the ground up or renovate and extend properties. We have in-house project management experience with skilled staff who have worked in a consultant capacity on numerous international projects.

Underpinning and Piling

Underpinning is necessary on a structure where settlement has occurred for one of the below most common reasons:

Differential Settlement … this could be caused by uneven loading of the building and insufficient load bearing foundations.

Increase in Loading … this could be due to the addition of an extra storey or an increase in imposed loadings such as that which may occur with a change of use.

Lowering of Adjacent Ground and all removal of lateral support usually required when constructing a basement adjacent to existing foundations or development of an adjacent property.

Our Solution for you

We specialize in different methods of underpinning and piling, we utilize our wealth of knowledge and experience to give the customer the best solution for the foundation settlement that they may be experiencing on their property, we do reinforced bottom-driven steel cased concrete piles, jack-piles and open auger piles.

Our product achieves a compression load of 180KN per pile and may be clustered together to service higher loads as required.

We are able to access confined areas making piling /pinning inside houses, workshops, factories etc. possible.

We offer an affordable product, which may be designed into new foundations, extensions of existing foundations, underpinning of existing foundations where structures are settling and open trench piling

All our work comes with a guarantee and Engineers certification if required.


Residential Houses under existing foundations or new piles for further property development

Residential Estates

Industrial Sites

Developing projects where access is an issue

 We also do

Geotechnical Investigations – Building+Construction of retaining structures including:

– Modular, open block, Loffelstein walls and Gabion structures

Residential House Shells Swimming Pools


Director: Gavin Lombaard